3 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

Happy Fashion Friday Loves! You know how much I love shopping on a budget right? Last week I shared my favorite stores to shop on a budget. This week I am going to share my top 3 tips on saving money while shopping online. I’ve been shopping online for 5+ years now, so might I say I am pro-online-shopper? 😜 These tips are more than just signup for a newsletter for coupon codes. So if you are looking to save some major bucks while online shopping, read on!


Do you believe in dreams coming true? Well, Ebates is a dream come true for all us online shoppers. It PAYS us to shop online! Can you believe that? Well, they give you cash back for pieces that you were anyways going to buy. All you have to do is sign up and when you are shopping online if the store is part of the Ebates program a small pop-up will appear to activate Ebates. You just click on it and shop like you do normally. Once you pay you’ll get a part of your purchase back. Once your cash backs each a minimum amount (I think it is $20) you get a PHYSICAL CHECK that you can deposit in your bank!

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If that wasn’t good enough, now Ebates offers coupons too. When you activate Ebates on a website it will also check if there are any coupons you can use to save more money! So not only do they give you cash backs they also save money for you! Talk about double savings!


If you’d like to try Ebates sign up using this link: http://bit.ly/get10_ebatessignup

You will receive $10 just for signing up!


Honey is a Chrome extension that automatically applies coupons & discount codes to your order when you check out. Can you believe that? Imagine the hours you’ve spent looking for coupons! Well, now you have all that time to shop more 😜 Because Honey does the dirty work for you!


Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart. On Amazon Honey will tell you the best time to buy with price history charts and alerts when your favorite products are on sale.


You know that trench coat you’ve been eyeing all season and waiting for it to go on sale since it came out? You keep on going back to the website to check if it has gone on sale or has the price been reduced? Wish you had an assistant who would do that for you? Well, Shoptgr is just that, your personal shopping assistant!

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Its basically setting an alert, you can set it for any price change, 25% off or 50% off. When there is a price change Shoptgr will send you an email about it. And you can buy it!

Along with these 3 services, you can also:

  • Signup for newsletters to receive coupon codes
  • Follow stores on their social media to receive special codes or flash sale alerts
  • Keep items added to your cart and not buy them immediately. More often than not stores will send you a 10%-20% discount code to get you to buy the items.

I hope you found these tips useful. Do you already use these tips or do you have any tips you can share with us? Tell me in the comments so we can save together!



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