Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends 2018

Fall is almost here and Sep 22nd marks the official start of Fall, pumpkin spiced lattes, college football, getting ready to dust off those cute booties and cardigans in your wardrobe. To give you guys a head start on building your Fall wardrobe I thought I’d share my favorite Fall trends that you are bound to see everywhere!

Animal Print

If you have checked your Instagram feed I’m sure you have seen animal print popping up everywhere. Personally, I am not much of an animal print person but it has grown on me since Spring. In the Fashion world, leopard is treated as a neutral. So this year is more about animal prints in bold colors like pink, red, yellow etc.



Neon is sort of a sub-trend that’s part of a more broader trend, which is the 80s trend. But I thought I’d list it here by itself because I am especially excited to try this one out. I did try this trend in Summer but I think it’s going to challenging to incorporate neons in the Fall wardrobe. And that’s what excites me about it. forever-21-neon-shorts-white-sweater.JPG

Clueless Plaid

Would it be Fall if we didn’t have any new plaid trend for the season? Well, this year its the clueless plaid that’s all the rage. (If you haven’t yet seen the movie and you love Fashion, you gotta check it out NOW!). Again like the animal print trend, its all about bold plaid pieces in pink, yellow, orange etc. Here’s my take on the trend.


Statement Outer Layers

Think about animal print coats, glossy coats, fringed coats, statement color coats. I am on the lookout for my statement outer layer. But these are my favorites.

Colored Lenses

I had to include on accessory trend because no outfit is complete without an accessory. And for me, no outfit is complete without sunglasses. This Fall we are going to see colored lenses in sunglasses in all the Fall hues yellows, browns, oranges etc. fall-fashion-trend-colored-lenses-sunglasses

These were my favorite Fall fashion trends that I’m looking forward to incorporating into my Fall wardrobe. What are your favorite trends? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’m a big fan of the neon trend! I remember when you wore the neon shorts to the Twiirly event — I realized I had to get a pair myself 🙂

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